Find the Best Garden Hose Reel UK 2020

The garden hose reel is a practical, even essential, garden accessory, offering you, as you will see a little further down in the article, many advantages. But what about the automatic rewinder? This tool that coils your garden hose for you and protects it from weather conditions is a popular device among gardeners.

Le Bon Choix has therefore decided to create a comparison dedicated to these wall reels, in order to help you in your choice and to allow you to buy the best model according to your own needs. Price, quality, consumer reviews: everything you need to know about the top garden hose reels from only the best brands.

The style of the garden hose reel

Furniture, accessories and elements for the house, should not only allow an aesthetic development of the interior part of the house. The outdoor environment of the home must also be arranged with harmony, order and aesthetics. This is the reason why many accessories such as the garden hose reel have both a functional and aesthetic role.

Thus, a hose reel for a garden hose not only ensures easy storage of the hose but also easy and correct handling of the hose. In addition, by using a hose coiled on this accessory, you only use the length necessary to perform the task you want to perform (watering the plants).

Even if you don’t think about it often, the garden hose reel allows the hose not to drag and thus prevent it from getting damaged. In addition to ensuring the storage, protection and longevity of the garden hose, the hose reel ensures the good performance of the garden and contributes with its colours to its aesthetics.

The different models of garden hose reels

The different models of hose reels that can be installed in your garden are models ranging from the simplest to the most sophisticated. We have, for example, the wall-mounted hose holder (by means of one or two supports), on which the hose is wound manually, which is better suited to pipes of short length and whose cast-iron models are almost indestructible and aesthetic.

Automatic garden hose reel

The wall reel is a swivel automatic reel which is fixed to the wall near the tap and hose reel system can be cranked or automatic, this type of reel is also often delivered with the hose. Another model of the hose reel is the portable hose reel with a crank reel system, equipped with a handle and suitable only for hoses with a length less than or equal to 20 meters.

The garden hose reel on wheels is a suitable material for large lawns because it can be easily moved with it, it is equipped with a crank and offers a large rewinding capacity (it can, therefore, receive a hose long) like an electric cable reel.

Choose your garden hose reel

To choose your garden hose reel, you must take into account a few criteria such as the length of the hose, the quality of the materials and the brand. For pipes of less than 15 meters, it will be necessary to choose simple pipe holders, pipes of less than 20 meters can go with portable reels, pipes with a length of between 20 meters and 30 meters can go on reels walls and pipes longer than 30 meters will work well with reels on wheels.

The material of the reel is also important, because in plastic the reel may crack, and in metal, it may rust. The brand of the reel will also be important, it will be judicious to favour the reference brands of the market. The prices of the reels vary according to the type of reel and range from £10 to 60 for the hose carriers, from £40 to £180 for the automatic wall reels delivered with hoses, from £25 to £60 for portable hand-cranked reels, from £40 to £150 for wheeled reels.