Giorgio Beverly Hills

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£10.99 £15.95 Buy Now

Yellow by Giorgio Beverly Hills is an “Eau de Toilette” for women with floral notes. This fragrance was a great success at its launch, as it was one of the first fragrances fresh from one of the most famous streets in the world: Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, a street full of stories and very crowded by a very select public. Especially by stars on the big screen and musical figures.

This fragrance was created in 1981 by perfumers ML Quince, Francis Camail and Harry Cuttle. There have been many well-known faces that have declared themselves fans of its aroma. At its launch, it became a totally exclusive perfume. Since its acquisition could be carried out only by correspondence, it was the elite perfume most desired by the female public.

Its olfactory pyramid begins with notes of apricot, orange blossom, peach and bergamot, which evoke the warm aroma that the Rodeo Drive palm trees give off when shaken by the wind; then we can distinguish floral chords such as gardenia, orchid or rose, select aromas and luxury triggers, and finally, sweeter tones such as vanilla or chamomile appear.

CALIFORNIAN STYLE. This perfume wants to convey the sophisticated and luxurious Californian lifestyle, a chic style worthy of the great Hollywood stars.

ESSENCE OF THE 80’S. Its essence brings together all the characteristics of the perfumes of the ’80s, incredibly the satisfactory for the American public, floral, elegant, glamorous and seductive nuances.

SIMPLICITY AND ELEGANCE. Two characteristics that perfectly describe its bottle. A container with curved shapes and transparent glass, which adopts an amber tone thanks to its inner liquid, with the brand’s logo engraved on its front, in gold, a trigger for luxury and sophistication.

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